New Website & Social Media Tools!

As you can see, Conestoga Insurance has launched a new website to highlight our product offerings! The new website walks you through the various products and services that Conestoga Insurance has to offer; from automobile insurance to business insurance, we have your needs covered.

We at Conestoga Insurance felt that it was important to have a rating engine for personal insurance services on-line, as we recognize that customers are looking for premium indications for their residential and automobile needs.  You now have the ability to receive a premium indication with some pertinent information with respect to your residential and automobile insurance. This premium indication is then passed on to a licensed insurance broker, who will contact you to go over your insurance needs.

We understand that business insurance can be complicated. Our goal is to simplify and explain the essential coverages your business will need in order to be properly protected.  We realize that not all businesses are the same; so we tailor our coverage to meet your needs. In the Commercial Services section, you will find a business insurance questionnaire that will allow us to gather some critical information on your business to help obtain a business insurance quotation.

We at Conestoga Insurance realize that having an insurance claim can be a stressful occurrence. Our goal is to remove the stress and get you back to the place you were prior to your loss as soon as possible.  Understanding how the claims process works is very important in order to determine if there is coverage and what are the steps that need to be taken to submit a claim.

There are two processes to consider when a claim occurs:

  •  Reporting process if your claim occurs during regular business hours
  •  Reporting process if your claim occurs after regular business hours

The claims process section outlines the specific claims process for all claims during or after regular business hours.

For our existing customers a FAQ section has been created. These are common questions that we receive from our clients. However, as always, if you have specific questions about your insurance policy, feel free to contact our office and speak to a licensed insurance broker.

In the About Us section, you can become familiar with the family at Conestoga Insurance. Our customer service and sales & management team put a priority on customer service, ensuring we tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Finally, Conestoga Insurance has launched three new social media tools! We feel communication is important and we will be using these social media outlets to share items that pertain to your insurance needs as well as interesting articles in the news world. Feel free to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn as well as like us on Facebook!

Whether you prefer to do business online, in person, or over the phone, our multi-facet service approach will adapt to the needs of your busy lifestyle.

Our company is a family business. We specialize in personal service and know the importance of speaking to a real person when you call. We trust you can see the advantage of dealing with a company with heart. I am sure you will find there is a difference at Conestoga Insurance.