Property & Home Insurance

Conestoga Insurance realizes that one of your most valuable assets you own is your home or place of residence. Conestoga Home Insurance Cambridge offers a full spectrum of personal lines property & home insurance products through our partner insurance carriers.

Your property & home insurance policy provides coverage for your home’s structure, personal belongings, liabilities incurred due to third-party property damage and the additional living expenses you may have to bear if your property becomes inhabitable. This means that your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay to rebuild or repair your home if it is damaged by lightning, hailstones, hurricane, fire and other natural disasters covered in your policy. You may also receive money to cover damaged belongings such as clothes, furniture, equipment and various additional personal items.

Although some homeowners do not fully appreciate the full benefits of having a homeowner’s policy, it cannot be overlooked because the cost of damage to your home by natural disasters is too much to bear alone. Your home and property insurance policy may help to cover the cost of water damage due to frozen pipes, accidental fires, paint spills, glass breakages, and theft. Learn more about our Claims process.

Below is a listing of the various different personal lines property products we offer:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Tenants Insurance
    As a tenant, you will share some of the insurance needs of a homeowner, whether you are living in a condo unit or apartment. Bear in mind that your landlord’s insurance policy will not cover any of your personal belongings such as clothes, jewellery, electronic gadgets, or furniture. You should choose sufficient coverage that can take care of the cost of replacing any valuable thing you own and the cost of any major upgrades you make to your home.
  • Condominium Insurance
    Condo owners have unique risks that are covered by condominium insurance. Although the condominium corporation would have insured the entire building, the policy will not provide cover for personal belongings, the renovations and upgrades you carry out in your unit or the personal liabilities incurred when any damage or disaster occurs. This kind of insurance will cover the loss of clothes, jewellery, furniture, computers, and electronic gadgets that were not part of the original structure. To enjoy full coverage for belongings, you should list all of them and calculate their replacement value. You also need to specify whether you want to protect your belongings against all hazards or only specific ones listed.
  • Cottage Insurance
  • Rental Dwelling Insurance
    If you own a condo, duplex, or home that you rent out to tenants, we can help insure the property. You can insure it under a separate policy or extend part of the coverage from your main residence. This will help you to protect the income you are receiving from renting the property and personal belongings inside the space that are listed under the policy.
  • Travel Insurance (written in conjunction with your personal property policy)

In order to obtain a free no-obligation quote on your property insurance needs, please either click here to obtain an online quote or contact our office to speak with a licensed insurance broker.

Many customers wonder what needs to be done to obtain property insurance when they buy a home, condominium, cottage or rental dwelling. Please visit our FAQ section to see what is required to secure coverage on your asset.