We at Conestoga Insurance Brokers Limited do protect the information collected for the purpose of providing insurance coverage for individuals and commercial entities. We only collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • To compile statistics.
  • In order to provide you with insurance and financial products.
  • Verifying and checking the accuracy of your personal information with government agencies, industry associations, insurers or brokers.
  • Allowing us to maintain open lines of communication with you.
  • Analyzing and assessing risks for the purpose of underwriting.
  • To determine the amount of premium and facilitating it’s payment.
  • In order that we comply with the law or request from law enforcement agencies.

So that we can perform our task in providing you with the best possible coverage and the most reasonable cost we rely on you to consent to the following:

  • Provide us with personal information for the purposes of acquiring an insurance contract or risk management service.
  • Your expressed consent in either a written, verbal or electronic form.
  • Your consent required for a specific purpose.
  • Your continued consent until such time that you withdraw that consent.
  • Your consent given via a representative such as a legal guardian, agent or power of attorney.
  • Please note that you may withdraw this consent any time. Conestoga Insurance will advise you at that time of the consequences of such action. Obviously the acquiring of insurance products would not be possible without this consent.


  • We are committed to keeping you personal information guarded with prudence realizing that this information is transferred between you and Conestoga Insurance and is not for the disposition for unrelated parties.