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David Brown

I have been with Conestoga Insurance Brokers for 35+ years. We have had few problems in that time. Any occurrences we have had have been handled very professionally and expeditiously. The office staff is very polite and friendly when we call and we always get our problems resolved. We have our 3 autos, 2 homes, and 3 businesses looked after by them. As we have grown Conestoga has grown with us. Our one business is very specialized and they have provided very good service for us even with the limited opportunities for coverages. I have never considered changing brokers in all those years.

Christine Stryker

Conestoga Insurance Brokers Limited have taken care of our commercial insurance needs since 1987. The staff at Conestoga are very professional. In our line of construction work we often require Certificates of Insurance issued straight from our insurance brokers. They have always dealt with this need in a timely manner, ensuring we can meet our customers needs efficiently. We are extremely happy with the service Conestoga Insurance Brokers has given us.

Allen Mattice, Owner/Operations Manager

We’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Conestoga Insurance for over 10 years now. Ourselves and many customers that we deal with, rave about the outstanding service that we have just come to expect from the Conestoga Insurance Brokerage/family. We have always been aligned with their strategy of putting customers before all else, and hopefully that will translate into many more successful years ahead. I simply can not say enough about this organization from the warm welcome you receive when you walk in the door, to the extensive product knowledge their staff posses. They have also directly helped our business by lowering our insurance premiums while not compromising the protection we need, which is great for our bottom line. Thanks again for the great service.

Cory Snyder, Vice-President

Our company has been dealing with Conestoga Insurance Brokers since 2011, and we consider them a trusted partner in ensuring that we are well protected. They are different from any insurance broker that we have previously dealt with. Their level of expertise in the area of commercial liability insurance is excellent, and the customer service is second-to-none. Keep up the great work, Conestoga Insurance!